Alien Drawing Mastery: A Step-by-Step Guide

By | January 14, 2023
Alien Drawing Mastery A Step-by-Step Guide


Drawing an alien can be difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing—and even if you do! In this step-by-step guide, we’ll show you how to draw an alien, using simple shapes and basic strokes that anyone can follow along with easily. All it takes is some time and patience, so let’s get started!

Get The Head Right

  • The head is the most important part of your alien drawing. The size and shape of the head are directly proportional to how tall and skinny or short and fat your alien will look. Be sure to draw a line down the middle of the face, this will help you place features correctly.
  • Start with eyes on either side of the nose. Next, create eye ridges by drawing a line between the two sides of the forehead. Below these lines, add large cheekbones that curve out from under the eye ridges before coming back together at a point at the top of the jawline. Add ears about halfway up from each temple
  • Add some big curved shapes on either side of its head for antennas. These help it sense things around them and navigate in space. Last but not least, add two small holes where you think its mouth should be. That’s it! You’ve just drawn your very own alien!

Draw the Body of an Alien

  • Start by drawing a line for the body. The body is a parallelogram, with two of the sides being slanted and the other two straight. Draw four lines at the top for arms and legs, and make sure that one arm is on the same side as one leg. Now draw some lines for fingers or tentacles on each hand/foot. Remember, this creature has 8 arms and 4 legs!

Add Details

  • Add any details such as clothing, hair, and so on – add all necessary shading where needed too! You may also want to add highlights in places that catch the light better. Don’t forget about patterns and textures. A good idea is to sketch out a few other things in advance like plants, animals, or aliens which could inhabit this world, and use those to inspire yourself during the drawing process too. Have fun!

Final Touches of Alien Drawing

  • It is now time for the final touches. Draw two rectangles in the center of your page. The first should be a small rectangle that is parallel to the left side of your drawing, and the second should be a larger rectangle that is parallel to the bottom of your drawing. These will represent lights from a ship or hovercraft. Make sure that the light on the left is brighter than the one on the right!
  • First, draw five dots at random locations along each rectangle.
  • Next, make lines connecting three of these dots to form triangles. Be sure to use different shapes for each triangle. Lastly, color them dark and erase any remaining lines you don’t need!

Alien Drawing Pictures

Alien Drawing Easy

alien drawing easy -1
alien drawing easy-3
alien drawing easy -2
alien drawing easy-4

Alien Cartoon Drawing

alien cartoon drawing -1
alien cartoon drawing -2
alien cartoon drawing -3
alien cartoon drawing -4

Alien Spaceship Drawing

alien spaceship drawing-1
alien spaceship drawing-2
alien spaceship drawing-3
alien spaceship drawing-4
alien spaceship drawing-5

Cute Alien Drawings

cute alien drawings-1
cute alien drawings-2
cute alien drawings-3
cute alien drawings-4

Interesting Facts About Aliens- You May Don’t Know

  • Some scientists believe that aliens may not be carbon-based life forms like humans, but rather silicon-based life forms.
  • The idea of aliens visiting Earth is not new, as there have been reports of sightings and encounters dating back centuries.
  • Many ancient cultures, such as the Sumerians and Egyptians, have stories and artwork depicting beings that resemble modern-day interpretations of aliens.
  • Some scientists have proposed that the likelihood of intelligent life existing elsewhere in the universe is so high, that it would be improbable for us to be the only civilization in the cosmos.
  • Some people believe that governments and organizations around the world have knowledge of and may be hiding evidence of alien encounters and sightings.
  • Some theories propose that UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) seen in the sky may not be of extraterrestrial origin, but rather advanced technology developed by humans.
  • Some conspiracy theories suggest that aliens may have played a role in human evolution and that many ancient structures such as pyramids were built with the help of alien technology.
  • There is a hypothesis that some comets and asteroids may be actually alien spaceships or even dormant alien bases.
  • Some scientists propose that the possibility of alien life may be much more common than we think and that microbial life may be present on many celestial bodies within our solar system.
  • Some people claim to have had personal encounters with aliens, including abduction experiences and communication with extraterrestrial beings.

Note: Keep in mind that many of these facts are not supported by scientific evidence and are based on unverified claims or theories.

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