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Cute Frog Drawing

There are many ways to draw a frog, but here is one of my personal favorite ways. We will be drawing a realistic frog in this tutorial, but you’ll find it easy because frogs come in different shapes and sizes. For this tutorial we will be using pencils and paper like usual, but if you wanted to draw a frog on computer, it would be much easier with the use of Photoshop.

Here are pictures of a frog that we will be using for this tutorial.

First, you want to sketch out a rough shape of a Frog. You can use the one above if you wish, but it makes it easier if you have an actual drawing in front of you to work with. I my example, I will be using a sketch of my own that I did above. If you don’t want to draw one on your own, the picture above should suffice fine enough.

Next, erase unnecessary lines and try to make it as smooth as possible. Pencils aren’t very good with detailed images, so if you’re going to be using pencils, make sure you erase all the unnecessary lines.

Now that we have a frog ready to go, lets start coloring it in. I used a colored pencil to color mine in, but if you don’t have colored pencils then use what ever you want to color with.

Don’t worry about coloring in the picture yet. We will get to that part of the tutorial later, but for now lets focus on drawing a frog from what we have so far.

The sketch above is how I drew my frog. The sketches before were just used as examples of things your frog might look like, and this one was done by me using a different frog as a reference. Now that we have a sketch of your frog, lets draw another one using pencils on some paper.

I would suggest using non-photo blue pencils for this part of the tutorial because they are really simple to erase and can give a nice smooth shade without doing too much work.

You can use him if you want, or you can draw your own frog from scratch by using him as a reference.

Frog Drawing Easy

Frog Drawing Easy Sample-1
Frog Drawing Easy Sample-2
Frog Drawing Easy Sample-3
Frog Drawing Easy Sample-4
Frog Drawing Easy Sample-5

Now that we have our frog drawn out with pencils, we can move on to the shading part of our tutorial. Use your blue colored pencil and shade in some places that would naturally be darker than others while keeping in mind that frogs are usually pretty green(or other colors).

Last but not least, color him in with your green colored pencil. Some little details like his tongue and eyes can be colored in with other color pencils. I didn’t do so because mine would only show up as a lighter shade of green than what was already there. (even when I used darker shades)

Frog Outlines

Frog Drawing Outline Sample-1
Frog Drawing Outline Sample-2
Frog Drawing Outline Sample-3

Cute Frog Cartoon

Cute Cartoon Frog Drawing-1
Cute Cartoon Frog Drawing-2
Cute Cartoon Frog Drawing-3
Cute Cartoon Frog Drawing-4
Cute Cartoon Frog Drawing-5

Cute Frog Art

Cute Frog Art Drawing 1
Cute Frog Art Drawing 2
Cute Frog Art Drawing 3
Cute Frog Art Drawing 4
Cute Frog Art Drawing 5

Important Facts About Frog

important fact about frog
  • Frogs are amphibians which means they are cold-blooded animals that need the sun to warm their bodies before they can become active. Frogs have smooth, moist skin which makes it difficult for them to regulate their body temperature so they must spend a lot of time in the sun warming up.
  • The frog’s habitat is usually near a body of water such as a pond, stream or river. Frogs need water to reproduce and lay their eggs so they will always be near some sort of wetland area. They spend most of the day hiding under vegetation because they are very vulnerable to predators during this time. This is why you rarely see frog’s exposed during the day time.
  • Frogs are carnivores which means that they only eat meat such as insects, lizards and fish. Frogs rarely if ever actually come out to hunt on their own accord so most of the time they will just sit and wait for an unsuspecting insect or small animal to happen by. They can extend their tongues up to one and a half times the length of their body!
  • Their tongues are attached near their pelvic area. When a frog’s tongue is not in use it is folded and tucked under its eyeballs. Frogs also have teeth which allows them to grind food down before they swallow.
  • Frogs can stay underwater for more than 30 minutes at a time because of a substance called mucus that covers their skin. The mucus will make a frog’s skin slippery and hard to penetrate.
  • Frogs have been around for more than 200 million years! They can live on land or in the water – hence the name amphibian – which means they are one of the oldest living creatures on Earth.
  • So why do frogs have such an amazing defense system? The story starts with the frog’s predators. Frogs are very tasty to snakes, lizards, birds and even some mammals like cats and dogs. In fact there isn’t a single meat-eating animal that doesn’t enjoy frog on its menu! So how can one small creature escape all these animals? It’s all about adaptation and using the tools that nature gave them.

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