Drawings of Snake & Its Head

By | August 22, 2022
snake drawing

Step By Step Guide of Snake Drawing

A snake is an animal with no legs. Therefore, it is much harder to draw a snake than other animals. However, if you follow the steps below, you will find it very simple to create a nice snake drawing.

Step by step, here’s how to create an awesome-looking snake in simple, easy-to-follow instructions.

Step 1:  Curvy Shape

We’re going to start by drawing a very curvy shape that will serve as the foundation for our snake. 

Step 2: Draw Sanke’s Body

We’re going to draw on more of the body now. Start by drawing a straight vertical guideline from the bottom edge of the box to the top edge of the box. 

Then, starting at the leftmost point of the bottom edge of the guide, follow the direction of the first guideline to create a second horizontal guideline. 

Continue following the direction of the first two guidelines until they meet at the top edge of the guide. You now have created a rectangle shape similar to the reference picture.

Step 3: Draw the head of the snake

We’ll now add a face to our snakes. You can begin by drawing an oval shape for each eye. Next, draw a curved line starting at the eye on the left and ending at the snake’s back.

Step 4: Stomach of Snake

We’ll now add a stomach to our snake. Start at the bottom of the head and draw a straight vertical path up the body until you reach lump sump three-quarters of the length of the body.

Step 5: Add some facial features of the snake drawing

 Let’s add some facial features to our snake picture to give it personality.

We will add a few more things in this step. The most important thing will be some bigger pupils for the eyes. Also, we could use the eyes to show different emotions.

Then we’ll add some curves to the face to create nostrils and then finish drawing in a forking tongue coming out of the lips.

Step 6 – Finishing Touch of Snake Drawing

Before we move on to the next part of our tutorial on drawing a dragon, let us take care of some finishing touches.

You’ll need to draw horizontal lines along the belly section you outlined earlier.

Next, we can add some extra touches, so our drawings look better! We added a few additional lines and did some shading on the head of the dragon.

To create this crosshatching pattern, draw four lines crossing each other at right angles. They resemble the design you’d use to fill out a Tic Tac Toe board.

You can use these marks to give scaly textures to your snake drawings. We used these marks for our drawings, but you should add whatever extra fun features you’d want for your drawings!

Picture Drawings of Snake Heads

Snake Head Drawing-1
Snake Head Drawing-2
Snake Head Drawing-3
Snake Head Drawing-4
Snake Head Drawing-5
Snake Head Drawing-6

Cartoon Sanke Drawings and Pictures

Cartoon Snake Drawing-1

Cartoon Snake Drawing-2
Cartoon Snake Drawing-3
Cartoon Snake Drawing-4
Cartoon Snake Drawing-5
Cartoon Snake Drawing-6

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