Easy Rose Flower Drawing and Sketch


Drawing rose flowers is a fun and easy way to spend some time and practice your skills. There are many different ways to approach this project, and you can get as creative as you like.

Start by sketching out a basic outline of the rose with a pencil. Try to capture the basic shape of the flower, including the petals and the stem. Once you have a rough idea of the shape, start filling in the details with a brush.

Use light and easy strokes to create the highlights on the petals and the stamen. Be sure to vary your brushstrokes to create a realistic look. Once you’re happy with the look of the flower, start adding some color. Use a light touch to avoid making the flower too bright.

Remember to take your time while drawing rose flowers. The process can be relaxing and enjoyable, and you’ll be able to create some beautiful flowers in no time!

Rose Drawing Step by Step Guide in Simple 9 Steps

1st Step : Draw an irregular figure consisting of curved lines in the upper left corner of your paper.

Rose Drawing Step by Step Guide Step 1
Step 1

2nd Step: We will now simply repeat the steps from the previous step. Create a smaller figure for each petal than the one we created previously.

Rose Drawing Step by Step Guide Step 2

You don’t have to worry if your petals aren’t exactly the same! You don’t have to be perfect! The petals can be more realistic if they are more varied.

3rd Step: This time we will draw the inner petal.

Rose Drawing Step by Step Guide Step 3

As shown in the illustration, draw curved figures to illustrate this.

4th Step: We will be drawing the inner and outer petals. This step is similar to the combination of previous steps.

Rose Drawing Step by Step Guide Step 4

To complete the inner and part of outer petals, draw curved lines.

5th Step: This time we will finish the section of the massive outer petal.

Rose Drawing Step by Step Guide Step 5

To represent this, draw curved lines just like the illustration.

06th Step: To complete the “wraparound look” of the petal we will draw another petal. This petal is located at its back so only the top would be visible.

Rose Drawing Step by Step Guide Step 6

Simply draw a straight line to create the top edges of this petal.

7th Step:  Draw another curving figure on the right side of the rose to create the last petal.

Rose Drawing Step by Step Guide Step 7

This petal is on the outer side of the rose and should be more bent and curled than the other petals.

8th Step: We can now see that the roses are slowly coming together!

Rose Drawing Step by Step Guide Step 8

This step will add the stem to the rose. Draw two parallel, curved lines underneath the rose.

9th Step: In this step, you will add a single leaf to the right side the stem of your rose.

Rose Drawing Step by Step Guide Step 9

Draw an irregular shape on one side of the leaf. On the other side, draw a pointed tip. This creates a single leaf.

Draw a slight curve along the length of your leaf. This will create the middle line for the leaf’s pattern.

To create the unique patterns within the leaf, draw multiple diagonals lines connecting to the middle line.

Rose Drawing With Colour

Drawing roses with colour is a fun way to add some life to your sketches. You can use any colours you like, but some tips on rose drawing with colour include using light and dark colours to create depth and interest, and using complementary colours to create a balanced look. You can also use different shades of each colour to create a more varied and realistic look.

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