Lips Pencil Drawing Tutorial – Step by step instructions on how to draw lips with a pencil.

By | November 6, 2022
lips pencil drawing

Introduction of Lips Drawing

The lips are an essential part of the human face, as they help show what we’re saying, as well as many other emotional expressions.

As such, lips are one of the most commonly drawn parts of the human body, so understanding how to draw lips effectively can be extremely helpful for any aspiring artist looking to learn about portrait drawing or cartooning. We’ve created this step-by-step guide to help you do just that!

Things you need to draw lips

Scissors, Paper and an eraser. Your lips can be drawn to represent many different emotions. Whether you’re drawing a happy, sad or angry face, use your mouth and lips to really show emotion. When drawing your lips try and keep them as thick as possible for a more realistic look.

Basic Shapes of Lips

First draw two small ovals on either side of your paper. These will serve as guides for where you should place your lips later.

Next, draw two vertical lines that intersect with each oval .

Connect each line with a horizontal line at the bottom of each oval to create a sort of V shape.

Draw two diagonal lines from top left to bottom right and top right to bottom left, creating triangles on either side of your lips.

Finally, fill in these triangles with curved shapes that resemble lips!

Add Details to Lips

Use light strokes to outline areas like wrinkles, creases, and any other details. After adding your shading and detail work, go back over everything with a darker shade to ensure that it stands out from the rest of your drawing. Finally, finish off by adding any extra details or color work.

Tips & Tricks

When drawing lips, remember to make them thicker than normal. This helps give the illusion of thickness, which is important when trying to convey emotion through your drawings.

If you want to add some depth to your lips, use a slightly larger brush size. If you don’t have a large enough brush, simply use a smaller brush and paint around the edges of your lips.

If you want to draw a smiley face, start by drawing the eyes first. Then, draw the nose and mouth. Next, draw the eyebrows and hair. Finally, add the ears and the final touches.

You can also practice drawing lips by drawing a simple face without the mouth. Once you get comfortable with drawing the basic features of the face, then move onto the mouth.

You may find it easier to draw a smiley if you begin with a neutral expression. Start with a frown, then gradually turn into a smile.

Collections of Awesome Lips Pencil Drawing Pictures

Lips Pencil Drawing Sample-1
Lips Pencil Drawing Sample-2
Lips Pencil Drawing Sample-3
Lips Pencil Drawing Sample-4
Lips Pencil Drawing Sample-5
Lips Pencil Drawing Sample-6
Lips Pencil Drawing Sample-7
Lips Pencil Drawing Sample-8
Lips Pencil Drawing Sample-9
Lips Pencil Drawing Sample-10

Lips Pencil Drawing Sample-11
Lips Pencil Drawing Sample-12
Lips Pencil Drawing Sample-13
Lips Pencil Drawing Sample-14

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